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Xenuphobe (pronounced "zee-nu-fobe") is the psychoactive collaboration between Ty Tabor (King's X), Wally Farkas (Galactic Cowboys), and James Henry.  The band will soon be releasing their third album, "Drone."

Coming soon!

Xenuphobe has finished recording "Drone" and will have release details soon.  Look for a participation campaign that will allow you to have several options including a separate vinyl version of the release containing a different performance/version than the CD.  Also, for a limited time, Xenuphobe will be taking orders for "live" five-minute original performance videos.  If ordered, you will receive a unique live video performance (dedicated to you) that will be posted on the official Xenuphobe YouTube channel.  In addition there will be a provision for you to send five minutes of your own audio (voice, guitar, noises, etc.) and Xenuphobe will run it thru effects while performing with it!  You will also receive a copy of the video for personal use.  Stay tuned for more info.  

Previous releases
On "2.0: Electrolux," Ty Tabor, Wally Farkas and James Henry unleash the power, the fury, and the beauty of the electric guitar. This all-instrumental album features a veritable treasure chest of guitar tones to satisfy your soul. Available as a CD or MP3.  Limited Edition. 53 minutes.
On their instrumental debut, "1.0," Xenuphobe creates a hypnotic soundscape that takes the listener on an hour-long journey to the innermost depths of one's mind. This download also contains hi res cover art (jpg), suitable for printing, thumbnail cover for MP3 players, credits page, "Aural Journey" pic, and an important readme.txt file. 
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